Top 3 Things Need To Know About Wedding Invitations

Date - January 13, 2016 / Author - Connie / Category - Events, Weddings

Getting married and need advise on wedding invitation?  The  vendor spotlight this month is Kim Washington owner of  paperKuts Studio.  Kim give the top three things need to know about wedding invitations: budget, common mistakes of bride, and when to send invitations.


1. Connie: What common mistake(s) do you see couples make when choosing wedding invitations?

Kim: The common thread with the majority of couples is not allotting enough money  in their budget for wedding stationery and cutting it close on when they plan to order their paper goods.

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2. Connie: What budget should a couple set aside for wedding invitations? 

 Kim: The number one question I get from anyone wanting to order paper….how much do they cost?  All of the wedding sites say 3-4% of their budget should be spent on paper.  It should actually be anywhere from 6-10%!   Every detail, from adding your return address to having them assembled for you, has a price tag attached to it.

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3. Connie: What is the time frame for couples to start the wedding invitation process?

 Kim: The sooner the better!  I’ve had brides order invitations 7 months prior to their wedding.  If you have everything ready, get it out of the way.  Normally, invites should be sent 2-3 months prior to the date.  I say, begin the process at least 30 days prior to the date you plan on sending your invitations.

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44 .What’s best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

I’ve never been a bride, but have witnessed my friends plan their weddings, along with the   lovely couples that visit my store.  Each couple is different, but the folks that relax and enjoy the process will keep themselves sane.  Yes, they might encounter a hiccup or two, but don’t let it ruin your experiences as you make it to your destination…the wedding day!!



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