Pros & Cons Freezing Top Tier Wedding Cake

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Freezing top tier of a wedding cake is one of many wedding tradition. The reasoning behind this wedding cake tradition is to reminisce about wedding day on 1st wedding anniversary. Now as a wedding cake decorator when I set down with couple at cake tasting, I ask couples if they are keeping top of wedding cake. I usually get the answer of yes. So if your are on fence if you should keep the top tier of wedding cake. Maybe it has not crossed your mind. I have provided some pros & cons freezing top tier wedding cake.

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Pros & Cons

Pro: The nostalgic ideas of keeping the top tier of wedding cake. Its just tradition.

Con: The groom and or bride have no interest in keeping top tier.

Pro: It gives you a chances to eat your cake. Sometimes at wedding the only time have chance eat wedding cake is during the cutting ceremony.

Con: You do not know how to properly freeze a cake.

Pro: As a couple you can share wedding cake together on first anniversary.

Con: You may not like idea of having one year old cake that has been in the freezer.

Pro: A wedding cake decorator can give tips on how to properly wrap and preserve cake for one year.


Here are some ideas if you want to by past tradition of freezing top tier of wedding cake. Instead of waiting for one year anniversary to eat top tier wedding cake, eat cake about one month after the wedding while looking over your wedding photo or wedding video. Another idea is to just take a slice of the wedding cake and freeze it eat together after honeymoon.

Did you save the top tier of wedding cake? Leave comment below.

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