5 Things Must Do Before Wedding Cake Tasting

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5 Things Must Do Before Wedding Cake Tasting

I think the most exciting and fun part of planning a wedding is the wedding cake tasting.  Here are 5 things you should have in place before attending wedding cake tasting.

Wedding Cake Tasting Sample-Connie Cakes Nashville TN

Connie Cakes Nashville TN Wedding Cake Tasting Sample

Have Venue Booked

Why? Some venue may have stipulation of using their  in house cater. Most venues will allow outside wedding  cake vendors but it is always best to check with your  venue of choice before wedding cake tasting. Our rule is venue has to be booked before we will go forth with wedding cake tasting.

Start Cake Tasting In Timely Manner

I suggest wedding cake tasting to begin 6 months in the wedding planning process. It gives you time to choice the right cake baker for you. Cake bakers are also booked in advanced so waiting 2 months before your wedding  can cause you to miss out.

Have Your Guest Number

In a perfect world, by the time you come to your cake tasting guest should have RSVP but most of the time that is not the case. A tip is to cut 20 % off the guest list to determine your  wedding cake serving. So for example if have guest list of 150 people, consider your wedding cake serving to feed 120 people.

Dessert Tasting for a Wedding -Connie Cakes Nashville TN

Connie Cakes Nashville TN Dessert Tasting Sample-Wedding Cake Tasting

Have A Budget Set

The average cost of a wedding cake according to BRIDES magazine American Wedding Study 2016 the average of wedding cake is $417.00. Which typical price for 3 tier wedding cake serving 100-125 people. Having a realistic  budget will keep you on track to not over spend and making the best choice for your cake baker. Do not waste your time on cake baker that is not in your price range.

Have Your Cake Design

Having that wedding cake design before wedding cake tasting save time at the wedding cake tasting.  Pinterest  has an array of wedding cake  ideas to choose from. Check out my Pinterest page for ideas.

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