5 Great Ideas What Bring Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is next week. Have you received your invitations that your are invited to   Thanksgiving dinner from friends? Do you go to your parents home or other family member  for Thanksgiving dinner? To show your hospitality, why not  bring something to contribute to Thanksgiving dinner. Well guess what, I have ideas on what to bring.  Here are 5  great ideas for what to bring Thanksgiving dinner.


Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, and pies are great ideas of desserts to bring Thanksgiving dinner. Now in my family, I am always designated to bring Red Velvet Cake and/or  our Double Chocolate Love Cake which is a family favorite. Do you need a cake for your family celebration?  We can help. Follow this link to order  http://bit.ly/2zyvQM8



If you are not  the best cook or do not cook at all. Why not bring the libation for the festivities. Remember the non alcoholic drinks for people who do not drink and for the children.

Side Dishes

Ask your host on what side dish you need to bring to eliminate too many of the same side dishes.  A signature dish  that you like cooking this time of year would be ideal to bring?  I have a friend who favorite side dish to make is Green Bean Casserole which is a Thanksgiving classic.

Gift Basket

Most grocery stores  have gift baskets with fruit, nuts, candy, or even wine that would be great hospitality gift.

Your help

Think about coming early and helping with set up of the dinner table. If know how to cook help the host with some of the cooking. You can even stay after eating and help wash dishes and put away food.

What will you bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner and asking guests to bring a dish to help with cooking. Leave a comment.


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