3 Wedding Cake Traditions Should Be Ignored

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Wedding Cake Traditions

Wedding Cake Traditions have changed since Roman times. There are some wedding cake traditions that seem to never  die off.  Wedding in general are full of traditions such as giving bride something old, new,borrowed  and  blue.  Another wedding tradition is father and daughter first dance.  With Wedding Cakes traditions, it can be  adjusted and really ignored due to being food. Here are 3 wedding cake traditions should be ignored.

Nashville Wedding Cake

Are You Sure Want To Freeze Top Tier

At my  wedding cake tasting with couples, I still ask  question if they want  keep the top tier to freeze for first anniversary.  Majority of my couples still say yes, surprisingly . Freezing the top tier top tier is suppose to be good luck for the couple.  Another traditional reason for freezing the top tier, is that it gives the couple a way to reliving their wedding day by eating piece wedding cake on first year anniversary.



Preserve Your Wedding Cake And Eat It On Your Anniversary!



Why  have year old cake on your first anniversary together? More than likely, the cake will be  thrown away because have not desire eat all cake. Which is a waste of money. Here is an alternative solution. Buy  your favorite dessert while looking at your wedding picture and or video of your wedding.

Are You Sure Want White Cake

Having a white cake is  wedding tradition due to the bride is usually in white which symbolize purity and  so the wedding cake  matches the bride. Most bride still wear white wedding dress but wedding cakes does not have to be. There are so many cake flavors  and colors that bride can choose from now.

Each tier can be a different cake flavor such as carrot, chocolate, or lemon. I have seen chocolate wedding cakes. In this modern time you can choose what you want and colors you choice.

Nashville Wedding Cake Traditions

Carrot Cake Wedding Cake Slice

Do You Really Want Wedding Cake

You are having a  wedding and you  cannot have a wedding without a wedding cake. Well, not necessarily.  Believe it or not, some people do not like cake. Most of the time it has to do with the  thick  and sweet frosting on most wedding cake people have tasted in past.



5 UNBELIEVABLE wedding cake alternative 2017 



I tell brides and grooms they can have any desserts or cake they want. In this day and time, people opt for cupcakes. Having all pies have been popular instead of wedding cake. Dessert table with your favorite desserts are also another way to go.  Donuts in shape of cake has been trending.   Naked cakes are on a resurgent. There is a semi naked cake where couple can have some frosting on outside.

Nashville TN Wedding Cupcakes

 Something To Ponder

Now should you ignore these 3 wedding cake traditions. No!  If you do not want to freeze the top tier of your wedding cake, don’t.  It’s all up to you on what you want to do.

Did you freeze the top tier of your wedding cake? Did you break wedding cake tradition that your parents or friends wanted? Leave comment below

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