Twelve Days of Cakes: Amaretto Italian Cream Cake Day 3

Date - December 6, 2017 / Author - Connie / Category - Cakes, Holidays

Twelve Days of Cakes: Nashville Amaretto Italian Cream Cake

What is Amaretto Italian Cream Cake?

see It is a 3 layer cake that includes coconut, pecans, and amaretto. It is a dense but moist cake that has this delicious nutty flavor. We frost the  cake with our creamy cream cheese frosting which  gives great complement to the nuttiest of the cake.

Why Is This Cake Included In Twelve DAys Cake? It is the quintessential cake to have during this time of the year. The pecan and coconuts is holiday favorite and what a better way than to have it in cake.

So order this cake today for your Christmas dinners or parties. Order in the link below.

Amaretto Italian Cream Cake



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